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Superstar Half Link

Single Half Link
CHF 4.00

Superstar Hollow Stem Bolts

M8 x 25mm 6mm
CHF 5.00

Superstar Pimp Sprocket

CHF 49.00 CHF 39.00

Superstar Pimp Sprocket Spline Drive

CHF 49.00

Superstar Spindle Bolts

Replacement Flush bolts made by Superstar and matching washers for Profile, Madera, WTP and other 19mm hollow Cranks. Made in the USA. For the older style Profile axle, not works on Profile GDH Spindle..
CHF 12.00

Superstar U-Brake

6061-T6 forged Alloy, BB-gelagert
CHF 59.00 CHF 49.00