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Shadow Conspiracy

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Shadow C. Chain Master Pin

Original Masterpin for Shadow Halflink Chains.

Shadow C. Crow Seat


Shadow C. Interlock V2

The original and best half-link chain.

Shadow C. Penumbra Seat

Trey Jones Signature Seat

Shadow C. Seatpost XL

extra long 320mm.

Shadow C. Surface Pedals


Shadow C. Tripod Seatpost


Shadow Conspiracy Ankle Guards Super Slims Set

One size, Neopren, Sold as pair for left and right side.

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Symbol Frontwheel


Shadow Conspiracy BMX Symbol Rearwheel


Shadow Conspiracy Chain Breaker Pro


Shadow Conspiracy Maya Grips

Joris Coulomb signature grips. Shadow DCR Honeycomb pattern.

Shadow Conspiracy Orbis Rim


Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alu Pedals

with sealed Bearings

Shadow Conspiracy Rotor Knarp Set

This kit will allow you to run 2 straight cables on the bottom half of your gyro. Kit includes 2 hole removable brake knuckle, 2 barrel adjusters and 2 cable stops.

Shadow Conspiracy Sano Brake Lever


Shadow Conspiracy Sano U-Brake


Shadow Conspiracy Universal Rear Hubguard


Shadow Conspiracy Universal Rear Hubguard Driver Side


Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Featherweight ADJ Fork

The Vultus ADJ Forks take the popular Captive Fork concept of adjustable offset and simplifies the function with 7 series alloy spacers that include magnets. The magnets hold the spacers in the dropout making front wheel removal fast and easy. Experiment to find your best offset based on your riding style instantly- – 22mm for super tech and front-wheel stuff, 25mm for street and park moves, and the 28mm offset for high-speed trails and park.

Shadow Sano Straddle Cable & Knarp


Shadow Solid Stem Bolts

solid heat treated replacement metric stem bolts

The Shadow Conspiracy Stacked Bottom Braket


Shadow Conspiracy Truss Felgenband