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Odyssey BMX is one of the best and oldest BMX brands from US. Since 1985 on the market, Odyssey produces trends and best parts on the BMX market. In the Odyssey team are among the world's best BMX riders. Odyssey is a timeless and unbeatable brand with countless products. Here with us to buy.

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Cult DAK Grips

Cult DAK Grips (Dakota Roche Signature) material: soft krayton rubber
CHF 13.00


Salt Plus Dicta (14 and 16T) or Odyssey (13T) Freilauf.
CHF 19.00

Odyssey 49er Bar

Odyssey's 49er is a traditional looking 4-piece bar that uses multi-butted main tubing, traditional 7/8" crossbar for strength, larger radius bends for greater durability, welded end caps to reduce flex.
CHF 94.00

Odyssey 7K-A Rim

CHF 89.00

Odyssey A Brakepad

Female Bolts.
CHF 10.00

Odyssey Aerospace Rim

CHF 59.00

Odyssey Aitken Tire

Mike Aitken signature!
CHF 32.00

Odyssey BMX Boss Grips

Aaron Ross signature grip.
CHF 12.00

Odyssey BMX Keyboard V2 Grips

Aaron Ross signature grip.
CHF 12.00

Odyssey BMX Warnin Grips

Gary Young signature grip.
CHF 12.00

Odyssey Bottom Bracket

CHF 27.00

Odyssey Broc Raiford grips

Broc’s signature grip.
CHF 12.00

Odyssey Broc Tire

Odyssey Broc Tire (Broc Raiford signature)
CHF 34.00

Odyssey C512 Sprocket

Chase Hawk's Signature Sprocket
CHF 45.00

Odyssey Calibur Crank Bolt

replacement spindle bolt for the Odyssey Calibur cranks
CHF 9.00

Odyssey Calibur V2 Crank

CHF 190.00

Odyssey Chase Hawk Tire

Chase Hawk signature!
CHF 32.00

Odyssey conical internal Headset

CHF 32.00

Odyssey Detangler Plate

Gyro, Rotor Plate
CHF 13.00

Odyssey Fang Sprocket

Tom Dugan Signature Sprocket!
CHF 49.00

Odyssey Ghost Brake Pads

Female Bolts.
CHF 10.00

Odyssey Graduate Nylon Peg

CHF 21.00

Odyssey Grandstand Alloy Pedals

Tom Dugan Signatur Modell
CHF 36.00

Odyssey GTX-S Detangler

Odyssey original dual cable detangler system has been the industry standard since day one.
CHF 45.00