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Odyssey 10-4 Bar

The 10-4 Bar is the biggest Odyssey makes. It uses large radius bends, thicker walled, butted tubing and a traditional 7/8” crossbar for superior strength...
CHF 74.00

Odyssey Calibur Crank Bolt

replacement spindle bolt for the Odyssey Calibur cranks
CHF 9.00

Odyssey Calibur V2 Crank

CHF 190.00

Odyssey conical internal Headset

CHF 32.00

Odyssey internal Headset

High-quality sealed bearings. Designed with the lowest possible stack height, using high-quality sealed bearings and a precision tapered wedge to keep the headset tight at all times.
CHF 28.00

Odyssey Lumberjack XXL Bar

One of Odyssey's most popular bars.
CHF 94.00