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Kink Bolt FL Stem

CHF 70.00 CHF 55.00

Kink Bottom Braket

CHF 27.00

Kink Boulevard Front Hub

CHF 74.00

Kink Delta 2 Grips

CHF 11.00

Kink Detangler Plate

Gyro, Rotor Plate
CHF 12.00

Kink Eastcoaster Rear Wheel

CHF 250.00

Kink Incite Rear Cassette Hub

CHF 188.00

Kink Integrated Headset

CHF 29.00 CHF 25.00

Kink Minus One Sprocket

One Tooth Removed For Easy Chain Installation and Removal
CHF 45.00

Kink Myriad Detangler

Gyro, Rotor, cnc machined from 6061-t6 aluminum
CHF 40.00

Kink Pillar XL Cranks

CHF 190.00

Kink Restrain Brake Lever

CHF 22.00

Kink Senec Pedals

Universal and Replaceable and Pedal Bodies
CHF 39.00

Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat

Kink Stealth mid Size Kevlar Seat
CHF 40.00 CHF 29.00

Kink Stealth Stump Post

3D Forged From 6061 Aluminum
CHF 25.00

Kink Super Stump Post

3D Forged From 6061 Aluminum
CHF 23.00

Kink Viridian 2 Front Hub

CHF 74.00

Shadow Conspiracy Truss Felgenband

Made From Heavy Duty PVC
CHF 5.00