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BSD Grime Bar OS

The Grime Bar is Denim Cox’s signature handlebar for 1" stems only.
CHF 85.00

BSD Leezus HandleBar

The Leezus bar is Liam Zingberg’s new signature handlebar.
CHF 85.00

BSD Safari HandleBar

Reed Stark's new signature handlebar, it's an updated version of the Giraffic bar
CHF 80.00

Cult AK Bar

Alex Kennedy's signature handlebar
CHF 74.00

Cult Crew Bar

Cult Crew Bars with Classic feel good geometry
CHF 74.00

Cult Heaven's Gate Bar

Brandon Begin signatur Bar
CHF 80.00

Fiend BMX Reynolds Bar

Garrett Reynolds' signature handlebar
CHF 76.00

Fiend Raekes Bar

Johnny Raekes signature handle bar from Fiend
CHF 80.00

Fit Simms XL Bar

Brad-Simms Signature Handlebar
CHF 94.00

Odyssey 49er Bar

Odyssey's 49er is a traditional looking 4-piece bar that uses multi-butted main tubing, traditional 7/8" crossbar for strength, larger radius bends for greater durability, welded end caps to reduce flex.
CHF 94.00

Primo Rebar Bar

The Primo Rebar handlebars are Craig Passero's signature model made from straight gauge chromoly tubing that's 20/20 heat-treated and features a 20mm crossbar for maximum strength.
CHF 74.00

S&M Hoder High Bar

Hoder Bars just got a bit Higher. Mike gives you a rundown on his new Hoder High bars as he throws a new pair on his bike and takes them for a test run. Same comfortable/strong design as the Hoder bars, but just a little Higher.
CHF 105.00

S&M Race XLT Bar

The immensely popular American made S&M Race bar by S&M.
CHF 110.00

Stranger BMX Adam LZ Bar

Adam LZ signature handlebars from Stranger
CHF 75.00 CHF 55.00

Stranger Zefaria Bar

Eric Lichtenberger Signature Bar
CHF 94.00

Total BMX Sandstorm Bar

Total Sandstorm Bars (Daniel Sandoval signature)
CHF 82.00 CHF 72.00