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Animal Griffin Headtube Badge

embossed Animal Griffin log
CHF 9.00


The ALVX is Alex D’s signature BSD frame. 2020
CHF 380.00 CHF 280.00

Cult 2 Short IC Frame

CHF 380.00 CHF 340.00

Fiend Mills Frame

Lewis Mills signature frame from Fiend.
CHF 430.00

Fiend Reynolds V2 Frame

Designed by Garrett Reynolds. Brakeless.
CHF 380.00 CHF 330.00

Fit Shortcut Frame

The Shortcut frame features the shortest chainstay in BMX coming in at 12.4″. While the Shortcut is one of the most responsive frames on the market, it is also one of the most reliable.
CHF 380.00

Sunday Discovery Frame

Sunday's Discovery team frame features short chainstays, a tall bottom bracket, a long head tube and small hollow dropouts with integrated chain tensioners.
CHF 390.00