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Fit BikeCo

Fit Bikes was founded in 1999 by legendary S&M Bikes owner Chris Moeller. Fit Bikes products are slightly less expensive than the original S&M products. but not in made USA.

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Fit Bike Headset

CHF 36.00

Fit Bike Savage V2 Grips

Slightly thicker ribs than most grips to cushion savage drops.
CHF 14.00

Fit Brake Mount Kit

CHF 20.00

Fit O.G. Peg

O.G. Pegs are super strong and light thanks to butted and heat-treated 4130 CrMo.
CHF 22.00

Fit PVC Peg

Fit's strong yet lightweight 4130 alloy steel core with Ploymer plastic sleeve Peg.
CHF 28.00

Fit Shortcut Frame

The Shortcut frame features the shortest chainstay in BMX coming in at 12.4″. While the Shortcut is one of the most responsive frames on the market, it is also one of the most reliable.
CHF 380.00

Fit Simms XL Bar

Brad-Simms Signature Handlebar
CHF 94.00