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Animal linear Brake Cable

CHF 12.00

Eclat 4-Stroke Solid Chain

Eclat's best very stong solid 4-Stroke Chain.
CHF 26.00

Eclat AK Guard Sprocket

Alex Kennedy signature AK Guard
CHF 63.00

Eclat AK Pedals

Alex Kennedy signature pedal heavy duty street pedal with full replaceable nylon/fibreglass pedal body.
CHF 22.00

Eclat BMX Stream Fork

The Stream fork is a true eclat classic.
CHF 155.00

Eclat BMX Venom Peg

a two-piece steel/plastic design
CHF 25.00 CHF 19.00

Eclat Bottom Braket

CHF 33.00

Eclat Complex Seat unpadded

CHF 44.00 CHF 18.00

Eclat Core Brakecable

CHF 12.00

Eclat Cortex Chamber Front Wheel

Eclat Cortex Front Hub with Eclat Chamber Sleeved Rim
CHF 149.00

Eclat Diesel Chain

CHF 22.00

Eclat E-Tool

CHF 82.00 CHF 66.00

Eclat Elevate Guard Sprocket

CHF 54.00

Eclat Fireball Tire

Stevie Churchill Signatur Reifen
CHF 37.00 CHF 34.00

Eclat Helium Inner Tube

High quality inner tube with Schrader valve.
CHF 10.00

Eclat Pedal Replacement Pins

Replacement Set ,Spare Parts Pin Set for Eclats Slash Alloy pedals. Most fit for other Pedals.
CHF 7.00

Eclat Plaza Pedals

CHF 22.00

Eclat Pulsar grips

Made by ODI USA!
CHF 15.00

Eclat Pulse Front Hub

CHF 65.00 CHF 49.00

Eclat Pulse Rear Hub

CHF 199.00 CHF 150.00

Eclat Ridgestone Slick Tire

CHF 34.00 CHF 24.00

Eclat Scope Grips

Made by Odi in the USA!
CHF 12.00 CHF 9.00

Eclat Shogun Grips

CHF 13.00

Eclat Slash Alloy Pedals

CHF 32.00