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BSD Substance Bottom Braket

CHF 31.00

Bsd Acid Fxxk Fork

CHF 160.00 CHF 120.00

BSD Alex D Donnasqueak Tire

Alex D’ signature Donnasqueak tire
CHF 33.00 CHF 29.00


The ALVX is Alex D’s signature BSD frame. 2020
CHF 380.00 CHF 280.00

BSD Blitzed Seatpost

3D forged pivotal seatpost, 6061-T6 aluminium
CHF 28.00


CHF 13.00

Bsd Brake Mount Set

There are two versions of our brake mount kits available.
CHF 25.00

Bsd Butted Stainless Steel Spokes

CHF 32.00

BSD Chain Forever

Strong regular Chain by BSD.
CHF 13.00

BSD Crime Grips

CHF 13.00

BSD Dan Paley Slims Grips

Dan Paley Slims Signature Grip
CHF 12.00

BSD Donnastreet Tire

CHF 35.00 CHF 25.00

BSD Driveside Rear Hubguard

Drive side hubguard for BSD Back Street Pro and West Coaster hubs.
CHF 23.00

BSD Dropped Stem

CHF 75.00

BSD Female Front Hub

CHF 69.00 CHF 39.00

BSD Forever Lo Grips

The Forever Lo grip
CHF 12.00 CHF 9.00

BSD Grime Bar OS

The Grime Bar is Denim Cox’s signature handlebar for 1" stems only.
CHF 85.00

BSD Grime Pivotal Seat

Denim Cox Signature BMX Seat
CHF 42.00

BSD GUARD Sprocket

CHF 80.00

BSD Intergrated Headset

CHF 30.00

BSD Internal Highriser Headset

CHF 30.00

BSD Jersey Barrier Rear Hubguard NDS

Rear Hubguard for non Driver Side
CHF 24.00

BSD Leezus HandleBar

The Leezus bar is Liam Zingberg’s new signature handlebar.
CHF 85.00

BSD Passenger Grips

KRISS KYLE Signatur Grip.
CHF 12.00

BSD Rude Tube Peg

Dan Paley signature peg
CHF 24.00

BSD Rude Tube XL Peg

Dan Paley signature XL peg
CHF 24.00

BSD Safari HandleBar

Reed Stark's new signature handlebar, it's an updated version of the Giraffic bar
CHF 80.00

BSD Safari Pedals

Reed Stark signature Safari Pedal
CHF 22.00

BSD Stacked Stem

CHF 75.00

BSD Substance XL V2 Crank

CHF 230.00

BSD Superlite Sprocket

CHF 68.00 CHF 48.00

BSD TBT Sprocket

CHF 57.00