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BSD Dropped Stem


BSD Stacked Stem


Cult Redemption Top Load Stem

Chase Dehart Signature

Eclat Slattery Stem

Geoff Slattery Signature

Fiend BMX Morrow V3 Stem

Fiend Morrow stem designed by Ty Morrow.

Fiend Mills Stem

Lewis Mills signature stem

Kink Bolt FL Stem

€72.10 €56.65

Odyssey Nord TopLoad Stem

Matt Nordstrom Signature Stem

Odyssey Solid Stem V2 Bolts

The Odyssey stem bolt pack features 6 - 6mm stem bolts that are M8 x 1.25mm thread. sold per 6 items

Premium Toploader Stem

€78.28 €57.68

Shadow Solid Stem Bolts

solid heat treated replacement metric stem bolts

Stranger Machine Stem

Full CNC machined top load stem

Superstar Hollow Stem Bolts

M8 x 25mm 6mm

Various Single Stems