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Bonedeth Spider Mid Seat


BSD Freedom Slim Pivotal Seat

Kriss Kyles Signature BMX Seat

BSD Grime Pivotal Seat

Denim Cox Signature BMX Seat

BSD Passenger Seat

Kriss Kyle signature series seat
€40.17 €20.60

Cult DAK Pivotal Seat

Dakota Roche's signature Pivotal seat

Cult Vans Slip On Pivotal Seat

The Cult Vans Slip On Pro BMX seat is designed to look like Cult's colab shoe for Vans.

Demolition Markit Seat


Eclat Complex Seat unpadded

€45.32 €18.54

Eclat Unify Combo Slim Seat


Fiend Palmere V4 Mid Pivotal Seat

JJ Palmere signature Seat

Fiend Reynolds V2 Seat

Garrett Reynolds Signature Seat

FlyBikes Devon Seat Combo

Devon Smilley Signature Seat and Tripod Post 135

Flybikes Roey Seat Combo

Matt Roe Signature and Tripod Post 135

Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat

Kink Stealth mid Size Kevlar Seat
€41.20 €29.87

S&M Stealth Seat


Shadow C. Penumbra Seat

Trey Jones Signature Seat

Stranger Reservation Seat


Various Single Seats

Various single seats. 100% new goods. Remaining stock. Mostly no original packaging.