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Animal Team Peg

Feel the strong steel
CHF 22.00

Bonedeth Side Pipe Peg

CHF 20.00


CHF 13.00

BSD Rude Tube Peg

Dan Paley signature peg
CHF 24.00

BSD Rude Tube XL Peg

Dan Paley signature XL peg
CHF 24.00

Cinema DAK Pegs

Dakota Roche’s signature pegs
CHF 25.00

Cult Butter Nylon Peg

CHF 19.00

Cult Doomsday Peg

Heat treated Chromoly Peg
CHF 16.00

Eclat BMX Venom Peg

a two-piece steel/plastic design
CHF 25.00 CHF 19.00

Eclat Slotmachine Peg

CHF 18.00

Fiend Nylon Belmont 7075 Peg

An 7075 alloy core keeps the weight to a minimum
CHF 22.00

Fiend Nylon Belmont PC Peg

CHF 21.00

Fit O.G. Peg

O.G. Pegs are super strong and light thanks to butted and heat-treated 4130 CrMo.
CHF 22.00

Fit PVC Peg

Fit's strong yet lightweight 4130 alloy steel core with Ploymer plastic sleeve Peg.
CHF 28.00

Odyssey Graduate Nylon Peg

CHF 21.00

Odyssey M-Pegs

sell as pair
CHF 24.00

United BMX Nylon Peg

CHF 20.00