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BSD Driveside Rear Hubguard

Drive side hubguard for BSD Back Street Pro and West Coaster hubs.
CHF 23.00

BSD Female Front Hub

CHF 69.00 CHF 39.00

BSD Jersey Barrier Rear Hubguard NDS

Rear Hubguard for non Driver Side
CHF 24.00

Cinema FX Fronthub

CHF 79.00

Eclat Pulse Front Hub

CHF 65.00 CHF 49.00

Eclat Pulse Rear Hub

CHF 199.00 CHF 150.00

Federal Universal Rear Hubguard Driver Side

CHF 14.00

Fiend Universal Rear Hubguard No Driver Side

Version 1
CHF 23.00

Flybikes Front Hub

Successor to the legendary lightest and best flybikes front hub.
CHF 89.00 CHF 69.00

FlyBikes Front Hubguard

Specifically designed for FlyBikes front hub.
CHF 12.00


Salt Plus Dicta (14 and 16T) or Odyssey (13T) Freilauf.
CHF 19.00

GSport Gland MK4 Hubguard

Front and Rear Hub Guard
CHF 11.00

Gsport Roloway Front Hub

The GSport Roloway hub is a precision sealed front hub with 3/8” in-bound axle bolts and two removable plastic hub guards. An oversized axle, bearing configuration and 7075-T6 aluminium hub shell is used for unmatched durability.
CHF 89.00

Gsport Uniguard Rear Hubguard

CHF 20.00

Kink Boulevard Front Hub

CHF 74.00

Kink Incite Rear Cassette Hub

CHF 188.00

Kink Viridian 2 Front Hub

CHF 74.00

Primo Driveside Hubguard DSG

this drive side hub guard will protect drivers
CHF 18.00

Profile Racing Front Axle

Replacement Front Axle for Mini/Totem/Elite hubs in Cromo.
CHF 69.00

Profile Racing Hubguard Front

CHF 40.00

Profile Racing Hubguard Rear Driver Side

CHF 39.00

Profile Racing Hubguard Rear No Driver Side

CHF 39.00

Profile Racing Mini Titan Driver 9T

RHD or LHD Side, for Profile Mini Hubs
CHF 155.00

Profile Racing MiniHub Front Alu Conversion Kit 10mm

Profile Front Hub aluminum center axle.
CHF 79.00

Profile Racing MiniHub Set

Hubset with Front and Rear Hub
CHF 558.00 CHF 458.00

Profile Racing Z FreeCoaster Hub

CHF 490.00 CHF 390.00

Shadow Conspiracy Universal Rear Hubguard

CHF 34.00

Shadow Conspiracy Universal Rear Hubguard Driver Side

CHF 33.00

Simple Cassette Rear Hub

CHF 199.00 CHF 149.00