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Bsd Acid Fxxk Fork

CHF 160.00 CHF 120.00

Cult Fork Topbolt

CHF 13.00

Cult Sect 4 IC Fork

Made from revised 100% Cult Classic tubing for increased strength and then 100% post-weld heat treated. Investment cast 1pc drop outs for maximum strength and a super sleek finish with a 28mm offset or a steep 18mm offset.
CHF 150.00

Eclat BMX Stream Fork

The Stream fork is a true eclat classic.
CHF 155.00

Fiend Embryo Compression Bolt

CHF 15.00

Fiend Process IC Fork

CHF 170.00

Odyssey R25 Fork

41-Thermal® forks quickly established a reputation for strength and quality when we originally introduced them in 1999, and they have since gone on to change the standards that all forks are judged by. Our new R-Series forks continue this tradition.
CHF 170.00

Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Featherweight ADJ Fork

The Vultus ADJ Forks take the popular Captive Fork concept of adjustable offset and simplifies the function with 7 series alloy spacers that include magnets. The magnets hold the spacers in the dropout making front wheel removal fast and easy. Experiment to find your best offset based on your riding style instantly- – 22mm for super tech and front-wheel stuff, 25mm for street and park moves, and the 28mm offset for high-speed trails and park.
CHF 180.00

Various Single Forks

CHF 25.00