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Animal linear Brake Cable

CHF 12.00

Bsd Brake Mount Set

There are two versions of our brake mount kits available.
CHF 25.00

Eclat Core Brakecable

CHF 12.00

Fient Brake Mount Kit

CHF 21.00

Fit Brake Mount Kit

CHF 20.00

Flybikes M6 Brake Mounts Set

compatible with many frames with m6 brakemounts
CHF 9.00

Flybikes M8 Brake Mounts Set

compatible with many frames with m8 brakemounts
CHF 21.00

Flybikes Manual Brakepad

Female Bolts.
CHF 14.00

Flybikes Manual CNC Brake Lever

Version 1
CHF 25.00

FlyBikes Manual Springhanger CNC Brake

CHF 85.00

Kink Detangler Plate

Gyro, Rotor Plate
CHF 12.00

Kink Myriad Detangler

Gyro, Rotor, cnc machined from 6061-t6 aluminum
CHF 40.00

Kink Restrain Brake Lever

CHF 22.00

Mission Cable Stopper Screw

CHF 3.00

Mission Cease V2 Brake Kit

includes: Cease brake | Captive lever right | Capture cable
CHF 65.00

Odyssey A Brakepad

Female Bolts.
CHF 10.00

Odyssey Detangler Plate

Gyro, Rotor Plate
CHF 13.00

Odyssey Ghost Brake Pads

Female Bolts.
CHF 10.00

Odyssey GTX-S Detangler

Odyssey original dual cable detangler system has been the industry standard since day one.
CHF 45.00

Odyssey GTX-S Gyro Set

Detangler, Rotor Set
CHF 83.00

Odyssey Gyro-G3 Cable Lower (unten)

CHF 10.00

Odyssey Gyro-G3 Cable Upper (oben)

CHF 10.00

Odyssey Linear Race Brake Cable

CHF 16.00

Odyssey Monolever

CHF 25.00

Odyssey Slic Brake Cable

CHF 5.00

Odyssey Slim by 4 Brakepad

Female Bolts.
CHF 11.00

Odyssey SLS Linear Brake Cable

CHF 15.00

Relic Assist CNC Brake

The Relic BMX "Assist CNC" Brake is a low-profile designed brake, compatible with rear brake mounts.
CHF 94.00

Relic Assist CNC Cable Hanger

CNC cable hanger
CHF 18.00

S&M Linear Brake Cable

CHF 16.00

Saltplus Propeller Brakepad

CHF 10.00

Shadow Conspiracy Rotor Knarp Set

This kit will allow you to run 2 straight cables on the bottom half of your gyro. Kit includes 2 hole removable brake knuckle, 2 barrel adjusters and 2 cable stops.
CHF 13.00

Shadow Conspiracy Sano Brake Lever

CHF 24.00

Shadow Conspiracy Sano U-Brake

CHF 60.00

Shadow Sano Straddle Cable & Knarp

CHF 9.00

Subrosa Brake Mount Bolts M6 Set

compatible with many frames with M6 brakesystem
CHF 12.00

Superstar U-Brake

6061-T6 forged Alloy, BB-gelagert
CHF 59.00 CHF 49.00

WeThePeople Universal P3 Brake Mount Kit

CHF 28.00