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About us

Lauterbach BMX, founded in 2005 as a sole proprietorship under the name Bikeagent Lauterbach, registered in the Commercial Register of Bern. Company headquarters Gümligen near Bern. From 2019 Lauterbach BMX is privately owned by the owner St. Lauterbach, operated without commercial register entry and without VAT number.

We are a small "family store" and a pure mail order business. In our five-headed family all members help to carry out the reibunbgslosen dispatch daily. In addition to the BMX mail order business, which we operate as a sideline, we are still full-time work and the children are doing their education. Therefore it is not possible for us to accept phone calls. You can always reach us by email. Longtime customers also have our phone number and can communicate with us via various messangers.

We specialize in shipping parts, suitable for BMX bikes. With us you can find suitable attachments, spare parts, small parts, rarely also sometimes special single complete bikes. All goods, which you can add to the shopping cart, is also available. Our warehouse includes but as a small store no huge amount of goods, so we have parts always only in limited quantities in stock.

Our prices are fair and they are only a little profit oriented. In the quantities, as we import goods, we have of course high purchase prices. But because of our very lean company structure, we are able to keep our prices moderate with few additional costs and without major markups for middlemen and resellers.

Of course, anyone can buy cheaper in America or Europe. American companies without any social structure, workers' rights, etc. practice worldwide price dumping. In the age of globalization, everyone can buy in America as an end customer and will therefore always be priced below the EU level. Not to mention the Swiss level, because we then have to pay customs duty again on EU imports. There are also inexpensive European wholesalers with low prices. This is because they have the possibility to buy directly in Taiwan or China, where the goods are manufactured. But this is only allowed if you buy in containers, which is beyond our capacity.

So if it is not worth it, why do we do it anyway? Because it makes us fun and because we have joy in it our small on-line trade now since 1dem year 2005 to hold at the running. There have been ups and downs. But we stay on the ball. If you buy from us, you do not support fimenbosses with high bonus payments. You buy from an honest Swiss micro-enterprise, which returns most of the small profit to the country as taxes. We will not enrich ourselves with your purchase. We support besides Switzerland far different BMX driver and in the closer residential environment also various other families and children with most diverse goods and donations. 

Here should actually be a picture to see, but by constant attempts to hack our website and to get private information, we limit ourselves only to the most necessary information. We ask for your understanding.