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Featured products

Fit Shortcut Frame

The Shortcut frame features the shortest chainstay in BMX coming in at 12.4″. While the Shortcut is one of the most responsive frames on the market, it is also one of the most reliable.
CHF 380.00 CHF 247.00

Animal BMX Skyline Headset

CHF 32.00 CHF 20.80

S&M Stealth Seat

CHF 55.00 CHF 35.75

Demolition Markit Seat

CHF 50.00 CHF 32.50

BSD Substance XL V2 Crank

CHF 230.00 CHF 149.50

Cinema Focus Grips

made by ODI
CHF 13.00 CHF 8.45

Primo BMX Churchill Tire

Primo Stevie Churchill Signature Tire
CHF 32.00 CHF 20.80

Odyssey Inner Tube

CHF 8.00 CHF 5.20

Odyssey Bottom Bracket

CHF 27.00 CHF 17.55

Shadow Conspiracy Odin Crank

CHF 195.00 CHF 126.75

Shadow Conspiracy Ravager Alu Pedals

with sealed Bearings
CHF 77.00 CHF 50.05

Shadow Conspiracy BMX Symbol Frontwheel

CHF 175.00 CHF 113.75

Fit PVC Peg

CHF 28.00 CHF 18.20

Relic Assist CNC Brake

fully CNC arms
CHF 94.00 CHF 61.10

Gsport Uniguard Rear Hubguard

CHF 20.00 CHF 13.00

S&M Hoder High Bar

Hoder Bars just got a bit Higher. Mike gives you a rundown on his new Hoder High bars as he throws a new pair on his bike and takes them for a test run. Same comfortable/strong design as the Hoder bars, but just a little Higher.
CHF 105.00 CHF 68.25

Fit Simms XL Bar

Brad-Simms Sigantur bar
CHF 94.00 CHF 61.10

S&M Race XLT Bar

The immensely popular American made S&M Race bar by S&M.
CHF 110.00 CHF 71.50